about Sally

I would like to tell you a bit about myself and how I decided to become an Independent Celebrant.



I married for the second time in July 2012 not realising when booking the wedding date that the next day was the opening of London 2012 Olympics . A lot of our guests had to stay over in Bournemouth as they couldn’t get back home due to the traffic on the roads. My husband and I had a Registrar to conduct the wedding ceremony and although he was very pleasant, it’s only now that we really wished we had a Celebrant who knew us taking the Ceremony. Our actual ceremony was over and done with in 10 minutes and at no time were we asked if we wanted to say our own vows or have pieces added to the ceremony.

My earliest wedding memory

My earliest memory of a wedding was being a bridesmaid at my Godfathers wedding when I was 4. The next memory was when I was 12 and my Nan bless her told me to meet her outside of the local church with some confetti which I did. We stood at this beautiful arched gate waiting for the happy couple to emerge. When they did, on my Nan’s instruction we tossed the confetti at them and shouted congratulations. The next few weekends we did the same . I asked my Nan how she knew all of these people and she replied “ I don’t but I do love a good wedding “


Bored of our jobs my husband and I came up with

our motto this year.

" Do what makes you happy”

He is now a Funeral Celebrant and I am a Wedding Celebrant.

I love meeting couples and getting to know what ticks in their partnership. I am old enough to be real about relationships and managing expectations. I want all couples and families whether it’s for a wedding, Vow renewal or a Baby naming Ceremony to have the best day ever, to have a choice of where they want to marry and to have a choice of what they want in the Ceremony.

Making Memories is so important

Create your dream ceremony



A Celebrant led Wedding offers you a complete bespoke Wedding Ceremony personalised to suit you.



With no formal signing of the registry, the sky really is the limit with this celebration ceremony!



This is ideal for families who are not religious but still want a celebratory naming day for their child.